Pyynikin craft brewery Pyynikin craft brewery

Pyynikin craft brewery

Hello, or tervehdys as we say in Finland, to all you beloved beer lovers from pyynikin craft brewery!

We are a Finnish craft brewery from Tampere and we belive in good karma. Pyynikin Craft Brewery opened in May 2013 and ever since we’ve been busy.

We brew our beers and ciders boldly and with love while honouring traditions. We want to offer something different to the consumer.

We already have more than 1000 stock owners. In 2014 we produced 120 batches which is roughly 50 000 litres. During 2015 we doubled the production. With our new investments we aim to brew half a million litres by the end of 2016.

Despite our rapid growth we cherish our Artisan roots. In addition to our 4000 liter brewing equipment we use our 400 litre equipment to brew our special beers.

With larger production capabilities we can satisfy more customers and serve grocery stores, restaurants and liquor stores better. We also have our own brewery shop in our premises.

We promise to create a lot of new products. Our product range gets bigger as we continue to brew made to order craft beers for restaurants, companies and our heroes.

We pride ourselves on quality, and each batch goes trough laboratory quality control.

We serve as craft beer messengers by arranging beer meetings and brewery tours. In addition we rent out our sauna and arrange catering.

We also have a secret agreement with Pyynikki area elves and magic creatures. Some have even suspected that a few of our staff members are ancient elves disguised as modern every day men.

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”It’s incredibly amazing to realize how dreams come true and they generate more dreams. We want to challenge local restaurants and supermarkets to offer products from local brewery. Nationally we want to represent artisan skills from Tampere. Finnish microbreweries should earn more attention internationally. We are ready.”

Tuomas Pere Head brewer