How it all began How it all began

How it all began

Born from the Arctic ice where ancient creeks ripple from a beautiful ridge. 
 It was a peaceful home for the elves, gnomes, goblins and other magical creatures. And so it came about that the elves took on the noble art of brewing beer.

The Elves’ beer was enjoyed by many and certainly not least by these new creatures called people. Sadly this drink for the wise was too much for the man so they stole the elves’ recipe. Drunk on the power, awful things began. And by filtering the beer its soul was forgotten.

The remaining magical creatures stayed hidden in the ridge for centuries until came a day when a new bright star was born. And under the bright new star grew a mighty oak. And under the mighty oak lay a sacred luscious hill.

Covered with barley and hopps. It was then when a spark of hope started to grow amongst the elves. And it was then that old prophecies began to come true. New partnerships were created and it was again time for dancing and celebrating. So began the time of warriors and original beer.

Now new era has begun. Uniting all beer lovers together for a beer revolution. So whether you are an elf, human, goblin or any other kind of magical creature – the beer revolution has opened for us all.