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Who we are

Craft beer has many names — and many brewers. Behind our beloved craft beers are a group of experts with passion. Read more about us!

”It’s incredibly amazing to realize that dreams do come true and that they generate more dreams. Locally, we want to challenge restaurants and supermarkets to offer products from their local brewery. Nationally, we want to represent artisan skills from Tampere. Finnish microbreweries should earn more attention internationally. We are ready.”

Tuomas Pere Head Brewer

”We pride ourselves on delighting our customers and we are not afraid to push the limits. Every product has its own story. These stories combined with our customers’ needs and expectations create strong and inspiring pleasures.”

Jenni Pere Sales manager

“Large group of shareholders support us and they make the creation of each craft beer possible. We believe in what we are doing and so do others. We have satisfied our shareholders and customers by constantly providing successful, innovative and award-winning products.”

Rauno Pere Administrative coordinator

”We have a new shop inside our brewery where our customers can pick up products under 4,7 ABV and also some snacks. There is also malt for home brewers!”

Jukka Kastinen Shop

”The most rewarding thing in this job is to see how the beer evolves from it’s first stages to the final product.”

Otto Laiho Brewer

”Genuine artisan work combined with our community, the right ingredients and local products give our beer its unique taste.”

Waltteri Pere Production Manager

”It’s fun to honour something that you make yourself. Especially when you make it with colleagues that have been your friends since childhood. For me, a change of profession to brewing was a very good decision.”

Janne Mäkinen Brewer

”It has been great to be involved since the beginning and see how the brewery has developed. We started small and we have been growing a lot. But we’re still small on a large scale. It’s also been great to receive responsibilities in my work and co-operation with students and schools has been rewarding.”

Tapio Puustinen Brewer

”In my previous profession I was making glass and in this profession I’m filling glass. Seeing all the aspects of glass, you see how the content makes all the difference. We have the drive and enthusiasm to bring rebellion and street credibility to the product – without forgetting joy and love.”

Teemu Halmela Brewer

”It’s not important whether the glass is half empty or half full as long as it has beer in it. The community spirit in our brewery is genuine and sincere. It lives, thrives and hopefully reaches you too.”

Veikko Sorvaniemi Community manager