Pyynikin Brewing Company

Crafting from the forests of Finland based in Tampere, our brewery has grown from being a small producer to one of the largest craft breweries in Finland.
We believe pure craft beer comes from the heart and soul. Combined with the finest ingredients, purest water of Finland and good karma, our quality product is seen all over the country. Soon the the rest of world!

The Myth

It was once known that the ancient elves who lived in the hills of Pyynikki had become mischievously interested in deriving a new drink.
From the beautiful ridges and arctic ice lakes, our elves, gnomes, goblins and other magical creatures developed the noble art of brewing beer.


The Rise

After a gathering of the founders, it was decided to start a brewpub in Pyynikki, Tampere in 2012. But, our popularity from the locals was at large, then we decided to start brewing “Independently” in 2013.
Our supporters and fans wanted to invest in our unique crafty beer style!
The first-year production was 35,000 liters. Since then our growth has been phenomenal and now 2020 we are expecting to brew over 2.15 million liters.




The People and the Elves

Amongst the many elves, hidden men and women helping behind the scenes, we have over 8,000 shareholders who are a very important part of our family.
With more than 48 regular staff working around the clock in the brewery, our operations are running at 100% thanks, everyone. What a great community we have!




The Milestones

Thanks to our massive volcano-like innovation and foreseeing abilities, we are able to produce huge amounts of great stuff! Yes, beer and other things.
In 2014 the original brewery had a fire, which was right in the middle of our massive expansion, it was devastating to our business and operations…


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The Independency

We are proud to be 100% Independent!
These days consumers are aware of the large multinationals buying up small breweries and the drinker wants to know the “real deal”. You want to know the people, the story, and the ingredients in the beers.

Pyynikin guarantees, we do not operate with any evil multinational corporations or suppliers who are not of the highest quality.

We enjoy having our own “war” against the giants.



The process

The process starts from gathering the right ingredients for the recipe.

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