The process


The process starts from gathering the right ingredients for the recipe. The chosen malts get crushed and put into the mash tun where we make the base of the beer.


The base is moved into the lauter tun where the sugars are rinsed of the grains and the liquids and solids are separated. The liquid is then sent into the boil kettle where the chosen hops are added. The mixture boils for 60 to 90 minutes after which everything goes to the whirlpool tank where the liquid spins around removing hop particles and proteins.


The beer is cooled down in the heat exchanger and sent into the fermentation tanks where we keep the beers for 3 to 5 weeks. After fermenting, the beer goes to a centrifuge that clears the beer before it is moved into another tank where the beer will be carbonated and prepared for packaging.


The quality of our products is assured by our laboratory where several tests take place. The laboratory has specific equipment for R&D and quality tests including microbial testing, sensory evaluation, and analysis of several physical-chemical properties.


Beer is canned and sent out to your local bar & or shop for your enjoyment.