Pyynikin Brewing Company

We are a Finnish craft brewery from Tampere and we believe in good karma. Pyynikin craft brewery opened in May 2013 and ever since we’ve been busy. We brew our beers  boldly and with love while honouring traditions. We want to offer something different to the consumer.

The Myth

Born from the arctic ice where ancient creeks ripple from a beautiful ridge. It was a peaceful home for the elves, gnomes, goblins and other magical creatures. And so it came about that the elves took on the noble art of brewing beer.



The Rise

Our brewing business started in Pyynikki, Tampere, as a pub brewery. In 2013 we started brewing independently. We received money from our fans and started brewing with our own license. First year’s production was 35,000 litres and since then we have been growing all the time like hell. In 2019, we are expecting to brew 2.15 million litres. For many years now, we have been the fastest growing brewery in Finland.


The People and The Elves

Currently, we have 35 regular employees, part-time employees and trainees. Women, elves and men. Our almost 5,000 shareholders are an important part of our family as well. What a great community we have.

The Milestones

Thanks to our massive volcano-like innovation ability, we produce a huge amount of great stuff. Not only beers but as well our branding, happenings and collabs. We create phenomenons.  But, of course, some are more important. We had a fire at the brewery in 2014,  our business was decreasing and almost died.


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The Independency

We are 100% independent and so proud of it. People nowadays are more aware of all the things around us. Consumers want to know the real story, the people behind it and the ingredients of the beers. We guarantee we do not operate with evil global multi-corporate companies. We enjoy having our own “war” against the giants.

The Equipment

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The Process

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