Pyynikin Experience

With our great beers, you will meet your deepest experimental levels. First of all, of course, the beers, so many beers and spirits. In our experience areas, you may hear whispers of the piano, in a cosy environment. Come along with your friends, colleagues or just by yourself. Our friendly staff will take you to your place and the show begins…

Brewery tours

We organise brewery tours every day of the year. We have two different types of tours for groups and individuals. Tours offer the spirit of Pyynikin Brewing Company. They are full of stories of beers, brewing, our past and future. We fulfil your taste by serving Pyynikin beers. We have sauna sessions, food pairings and live performances available for your visit to the brewery.



You can organize your own events at our brewery. We count with two venues. Our bigger venue holds a maximum of 100 people and the smaller a maximum of 30 people. Our venues are a good way to handle business meetings, brainstorming, work wellness days, parties, birthdays and even funerals. We have modern techniques for your needs: stage with a piano, large video screen with a video projector and PA-system.




Sauna and Spa

The first automated Beer Sauna is waiting for you. If you want to have the real experience of sauna and beer. We have taken our sauna to the next generation level: the steam as an automated infused -way from one of your favorite Pyynikkin beers.   Additionally, we offer a Beer Spa with beer treatments that are good for your skin, health and mind. With a special request you can have the possibility of mash bath treatments.





Join our Sahti and brewing courses. They are always led by professionals. This is the best way to get a lifetime brewing hobby. In a second you are part of the culture. Following courses will be updated here.



You are welcomed to our tasting sessions at the brewery, or you can order us to you. In the tastings we go through our beers, telling the backround of the recipe, the ingredients and the styles. You will also get the knowledge to taste what are the roles of yeast, malt, water, hops etc; what and why the color, brightness, aromas matter. Tastings are held from five to fourteen beers and other delicious products of ours. After the tasting you are able to organize the tastings yourself, to your friends.



Pyynikin Brewhouse

Pyynikin Brewhouse is located at  the best central location of the city Tampere. From the passion to combine  great beer and brave food is where the idea of Pyynikin’s  own brewery restaurant came from. The selection of beer is huge, all our craft products from the main brewery and the restaurant brewery are available.  New releases constantly coming.  The summer terrace is one of the best and biggest in the city.

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