We have agreed with the German supermarket chain Lidl to continue exporting beer to  European Lidl stores. Last year, beer was exported to more than 2,300 stores in twelve countries. This year, more of our beer will go to eight European countries.

“With our Lidl agreement, our international visibility, sales, and expertise increased. Interest in our beers has also expanded. Indeed, new capacity is needed to meet growing demand, ”says  Tuomas Pere.

In Lidl, cooperation with the Tampere based brewery has been seen as successful. Last year, we delivered almost 200 pallets of beer to Lidl’s European stores or about 130,000 liters. This represents one-tenth of the brewery’s annual production.

“We are happy to contribute to the export of Finnish products. We have a wealth of good products that interest our international colleagues. Pyynikki’s beers are a great example of this, ”says Outi Leskinen, Purchasing Manager at Lidl.


Published 31.01.2020