The brewery is preparing to move into its own real estate with the help of an issue of shares and other financings. The goal is to grow operations over the long term to tens of millions of liters. The primary objective is to achieve a production volume of 10 million liters and a turnover of approximately EUR 15 million. The project is planned to be completed within 3-5 years. The exact timing will depend on the capital raised, financing and contract negotiations, the completion of a suitable property and the adjustment of production to fit the move.


The aim is to operate uninterruptedly during the move while maintaining deliveries and customer relationships to maintain a good market position.

The funding from the issue of shares is estimated at a maximum of EUR 3-4,5 million. The investment project is also financed through business grants, partners, leasing and financing arrangements and possible debt financing. The investment project will take several years. The share’s valuation will be updated regularly as the brewery’s performance, investments and turnover develop.

When the project is completed, the brewery will be among the five largest breweries in Finland. Good space solutions allow the brewery to grow its production far into the future.

The project also aims to create spectacular spaces for brewery guests to enjoy brewery tours while buying brewery products. Shareholders may apply for, among other things, annual shareholder packages that are offered at reasonable rates.

Investor's information

The new share issue will begin on 19.08.2019. The issue will last until 30.5.2020. In the event of an over-subscription, the Board of Directors has the right to decide how the shares will be distributed among the subscribers.

The subscription of the shares is done through the Fundu service.

EUR 125 per share

There are 22,800 B shares and 1,140 A shares.

  • THE SHARES ARE SUBJECT TO A AND B SHARES. Prior to the issue, there are 3,100 A shares and 61,720 B shares. Pre-money valuation before issue EUR 8,102,500. If the shares are fully subscribed, after the issue there will be 4,240 A shares and 84,520 B shares