We are collaborating once again with the Finnish folk metal band, Korpiklaani

Korpiklaani, with over 100 million streams and views of ‘Vodka’ racked up, making this arguably the most popular song about ‘Vodka’, it comes as no surprise that our new collaboration is a unique Finnish Spruce flavored Craft Vodka.

Korpiklaani Vodka is a premium grain based vodka from the land of a thousand lakes. Distilled, handpicked spruce, together with the purest water in the world, form a product with a unique forest aroma and perfect smoothness. No other word would describe it better: refreshing.

Samuli Peltonummi, our head distiller assures that spruce gives a powerful and authentic Finnish flavor that fits well with Korpiklaani’s music and spirit.

The pre-sale will open 12.8.2020 in our international alcohol shop, you can find it here.

To celebrate, Korpiklaani will fulfill everyones dream of having a piss up in a brewery and will perform live from inside the brewery on Saturday, August, 29th at 20.00 CEST.


Bringing along with them a full production, stage, lights and LED screens all built in front of the Beer tanks, this will be the event of the year. The live stream will stay available on the website for one year. Tickets available @ www.korpiklaani.live


Published: 02.08.2020