Our distilling division, Pyynikin Distilling co. created “Recycled citrus gin” made from the citrus surplus from Tampere’s Tiima bar. The idea for the gin started when cocktail bar Tiima’s bartender Juho Ronkainen got annoyed with the amount of citrus going to waste. At Tiima, the citrus fruits are squeezed out and the juice is used as a base for beverage mixes and flavor syrups. Lemon slices are also used to decorate drinks. Still, multiple kilograms of pulp and citrus peel was going into bio-waste.


(Pyynikin Distilling Co’s Recycled citrus gin)

After multiple tests,  Recycled Citrus Gin was perfected and was first launched at Finnbar Cocktail Carnival in Helsinki 21-22.11.2019.

The recycled gin is one of a kind in Finland. It is based on pure Finnish viina, the same juniper berries and some spices as in our Payday Craft gin, and surplus lemon and lime from Tiima.

On top of the recycled gin, our distillery has also launched our first distiller’s lab series product! it is called “Lapsang Souchong Smoked Tea Gin”. The Gin is first in the Distillers Lab series and it has a nice smoked tea aroma.

Both gins have been launched for bars & restaurants.

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 Published : 30.01.2020